• Google Maps customers can go away foolish and hilarious opinions of well-known landmarks and pure wonders, such because the Labrador Sea, which, apparently, is missing precise Labradors…
  • Some reviewers have distinctive takes on landmarks, like claiming that guests have seen “greater Bens” than Massive Ben and that the Nile River has “an excessive amount of water.”
  • A number of the greatest opinions on Google Maps with comedic worth additionally embody sarcastic commentary about whole continents, corresponding to South America being in guests’ “prime seven continents”.

Are you planning on visiting the Sistine Chapel – one of many greatest masterpieces of the Renaissance, a murals that took Michelangelo 4 years to finish? Properly, don’t hassle! It’s simply “a waaaaaaaaaaaste of time,” in response to Google Maps customers.

Star scores are throughout us. In reality, data provided by the Pew Research Institute shows that 82% of adults read online reviews, and half of them paid higher consideration to destructive feedback.

Whereas on-line opinions are important for companies, some Tripadvisor, Yelp, and Google Maps scores are simply foolish. Individuals may even fee police stations, landmarks, pure wonders, and even whole continents, which make for tremendous humorous Google Maps opinions particularly.

Regardless of the place Google Maps takes you, whether or not it is the incredible Roman ruins in Rome or the strangest festivals in the world, opinions are at all times there to make folks chuckle! Some seashores are “too sandy”; some bridges are merely “good.” The Auckland Harbor Bridge, as an example, is “an superior feat of engineering” as “it crosses from one aspect to the opposite.”

So, for some lighthearted enjoyable and a chuckle or two, listed here are a few of the most hilarious Google Maps opinions (which are completely useful to nobody!).

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Examine Out Even Extra Of The Funniest Google Maps Opinions Ever

Humorous Google Map opinions could be random and downright weird (and tremendous hilarious, in fact). They supply countless leisure; as such, this text was up to date and expanded with much more of the funniest opinions on Google Maps from all over the world. Generally, guests have very distinctive takes on the world’s monuments.


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The Labrador Sea: “There Are Merely No Labradors”

Somebody was disillusioned by the shortage of Labradors within the Labrador Sea…

Trinity, Newfoundland and Labrador
EB Adventure Photography on Shutterstock

View of Trinity, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Although on-line scores will help companies, it is most likely protected to confess that Google Maps opinions of pure wonders serve no objective. A consumer gave the Labrador Sea between Greenland and Canada one star, because the “title is slightly deceptive; there are merely no Labradors there”.

Different users who reviewed the Labrador Sea on Google Maps declare they solely discovered Golden Retrievers, however no Labradors and cited “false promoting”. The Kara Sea in Siberia, however, is nice… “particularly if you’re a fats mammal”.

The Newfoundland Canine breed is initially from the island a part of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Massive Ben: Individuals Have Seen “Larger Bens”

Massive Ben’s top is not fairly as spectacular as some had hoped…

An image of the Big Ben in London, UK
By way of ShutterStock

A picture of the Massive Ben in London, UK

Massive Ben is without doubt one of the most well-known landmarks on the planet, at the moment present process a significant makeover. Whereas many Google users rated Big Ben low simply due to the scaffolding round it, others accepted the renovation with a smile.

Over a cup of afternoon tea, a Google consumer stated, “I will be sincere, I’ve seen greater Bens.” In the meantime, one other consumer wrote that Mr. Ben “lied on his profile about how massive he was”. Make of these two what you’ll…

The Nile: “A Good River… However There’s Too A lot Water”

Apparently, the longest river on the planet has “an excessive amount of water”?

Tourist boat on the Nile river near Aswan, Egypt
 meunierd / Shutterstock

Vacationer boat on the Nile river close to Aswan, Egypt 

Generally, Google Maps scores are bizarre. Some folks do not hesitate to present pure wonders, such because the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls, one-star opinions. On the mighty Google Maps, the Nile River – the cradle of civilization in Africa – doesn’t get 5 stars, both.

“Total” it’s a pleasant river… however “there may be an excessive amount of water” is what one consumer wrote. A lot of water? In a river (to not point out the world’s longest)? Who would’ve thought that? In the meantime, one other individual proclaimed the river is “Means thinner than anticipated!!” and demanded, “Nature, do a greater job”.

  • Nile Size: 4,100 miles (the longest river on earth)

The Eiffel Tower: “Simply A Piece Of Rusted Iron”

Properly, one of the vital well-known landmarks in Europe is made from iron, however is it “simply” a chunk of rusted iron?

Tour Eiffel aerial view, Paris, France

Tour Eiffel aerial view, Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Imagine it or not, Europe’s greatest sights additionally obtain 1000’s of destructive opinions. One of many prime landmarks in France – the iconic Eiffel Tower – doesn’t escape silly Google Maps reviews, both. It is simply “a chunk of rusted iron,” in response to a Google consumer from Singapore.

Properly, we’ll reduce them some slack; this architectural marvel is made from iron in spite of everything.

Hundertwasswer Public Bogs: “Value A Wee”

Toilet paper roll on a branch out in nature
Picture by Roland Steinmann from Pixabay

Bathroom paper roll on a department out in nature

Whereas on-line scores and feedback could be actually informative, a few of the weirdest Google Maps reviews are truly bizarre (especially those of places in New Zealand).

Google Maps followers in New Zealand do not hesitate to fee public bathrooms – bathrooms which are “value a wee”, supposedly. Particularly, the Hundertwasswer public toilets in Kawakawa have shut to 5 stars throughout the board. One consumer wrote, “A extremely neat place to pee,” whereas one other claimed it is “Value a wee”.

Can public bathrooms like this one actually assure a five-star lavatory expertise? What even constitutes a five-star bathroom expertise anyway – a golden bowl to sit down on?

Virtually all public loos in New Zealand are free (and provide a near-five-star bathroom expertise match for royalty, in response to opinions).


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Mount Rushmore: “There Ought to Be 4 Or 5 Girls Up There”

Is Mount Rushmore an excessive amount of man for some?

Mount Rushmore South Dakota
Picture by Ronda Darby on Unsplash

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Funnily sufficient, some Google customers love mocking even probably the most well-known American landmarks. From the Statue of Liberty to conflict memorials, some opinions go too far.

One other one of many funniest and strangest Google Maps reviews is one of Mount Rushmore. A reviewer expressed their disappointment with the enduring landmark, proclaiming they’re “Not even certain who all these males are up there… There ought to be 4 or 5 WOMEN up there in the event you ask me”. One other consumer wrote, “I can see why Normal Zod destroyed it in Superman ll“.

The 4 US presidents at Mount Rushmore are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt.

South America: “In Our High Seven Continents”

Wait, aren’t there seven continents in complete?

Team trekking in Cordilliera Huayhuash, Peru, South America

Crew trekking in Cordillera Huayhuash, Peru, South America

Maybe probably the most hilarious side of Google Maps scores is the chance to fee whole continents and oceans. A number of the funniest on-line opinions on Google Maps are sheer foolish, whereas others go too far.

As an example, a user on Google Maps said that South America is of their “prime seven continents!” Darn proper, it’s! (No actually, it needs to be; there are solely seven…). Not less than this overview was positively enthusiastic.

Enjoyable Reality: Out of the seven continents, South America is the fourth largest continent on the planet. But, evidently, it nonetheless fails to impress some vacationers…

Neuschwanstein Fort: Was “Designed With Disney Followers In Thoughts”

One consumer claimed the citadel was “faux” and was solely designed for Disney followers…what?

Fairytale Neuschwanstein Fort in Germany surrounded by inexperienced woods. 

Surrounded by snowy peaks and mysterious forests, Bavaria is without doubt one of the most romantic locations in Germany and the remainder of the world. Neuschwanstein Castle, particularly, is without doubt one of the most stunning landmarks in Germany.

Neuschwanstein Castle even inspired other mythical castles and served as inspiration for Disney! Regardless of this, it is also the sufferer of a few of the strangest opinions on Google Maps (which are hilarious). A reviewer on Google Maps described the castle as faux, designed solely “with Disney followers in thoughts”. So fallacious, but so loud.


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The Colosseum: Not Value It – It is All “In Ruins”

Somebody wasn’t anticipating the ruins of the Colosseum to be truly “in ruins”

The Colosseum at sunset in Rome, Italy

The Colosseum at sundown in Rome, Italy

The Colosseum in Rome is one of the most amazing landmarks in Italy… and in addition a well-liked goal of very humorous destructive Google Maps reviews.

One consumer wrote, “The place was in *ruins*. The Colosseum appeared prefer it hadn’t been utilized in years. So outdated, not one of the seats even remained – needed to stand”. If that is not one of many weirdest opinions on Google Maps of literal ruins, we do not know what’s.

Asia: “Loses Two Stars For A Extreme Lack Of Penguins”

Regardless of its lack of penguins, Asia gained a star for its “widespread pandas”

Cub of Giant panda bear playing on tree Chengdu, China

Cub of Big panda bear taking part in on tree Chengdu, China

As talked about above, reviews of whole continents on Google Maps could be extraordinarily hilarious. Some continents are too “scorching”, and others are merely disappointing as a result of “folks there didn’t converse English.”

On Google Maps, Asia doesn’t get 5 stars both; it “loses two stars because of a extreme lack of penguins however good points one again because of widespread pandas”.

A well-liked place to see pandas in Asia is Sichuan Province in China.

Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum: Not Nice For Work, Apparently

“If you wish to see nice Van Gogh work, do not go to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam”

A beautiful sunset over the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Picture by Frans Ruiter on Unsplash

A stupendous sundown over the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

There’s little doubt that the entire funniest Google opinions on Maps are entertaining, however can we belief them? Whereas it’s true that artwork is subjective, some opinions go too far.

A user on Google Maps was pretty disappointed with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam: “If you wish to see nice Van Gogh work, do not go…” Maybe it was a destructive overview that angered Van Gogh and made him reduce his ear off.


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Rockall Island: These Opinions Merely Rock

This “pretty good rock” is tiny, but it is the main focus of a significant worldwide fishing dispute

Team Safehaven Marine on the Thunder Child at Rockall Island in the Atlantic Ocean
Maryp279CC BY-SA 4.0, through Wikimedia Commons

Crew Safehaven Marine on the Thunder Little one at Rockall Island within the Atlantic Ocean

For those who haven’t heard of Rockall Island, a craggy islet within the Atlantic Ocean west of the Scottish Outer Hebrides that has turn out to be the main focus of a global fishing dispute, don’t fear. All that you must find out about this tiny rock is that its Google Maps reviews merely rock.

Serving up a few of the greatest Google Maps opinions for comedic worth, customers brazenly joke about the history of Rockall Island’s dispute and describe this “pretty good rock” as “an unlimited and fantastic place” that “comprises each Irish and Scottish seagulls”. Who is aware of – possibly it might be a type of helpful places to go if the world ends, provided that it is so small and distant?

Enjoyable Reality: Rockall’s measurement is simply 8,442 sq. ft!

The “World’s Oldest Pineapple Tree”: “The Greatest Attraction”

A working joke in a small Montenegro city grew to become the “world’s oldest pineapple tree”, however Google later eliminated it

Pineapples growing on a pineapple tree at a plantation

Pineapples rising on a pineapple tree at a plantation

For some time, a joke popped up on Google Maps that one city in Montenegro had the world’s oldest pineapple tree – the tree was in precise truth only a child palm tree in the midst of the city.

Nevertheless, because the attraction on Google Maps garnered extra guests, they, too, purchased into the joke and added their opinions of the way it was one of the best attraction round. Finally, actuality caught up, and the “world’s oldest pineapple tree” was faraway from Google Maps, sadly.

Enjoyable Reality: The world’s oldest tree is the Methuselah tree at approx. 4,854 years outdated, situated in Nevada, United States.

The Indian Ocean: “Too Blue”

Humorous opinions on Google Maps even lengthen to the oceans, that are “too blue” for some people with the blues

The blue Indian Ocean from a white-sand beach in the Maldives Islands

The blue Indian Ocean from a white-sand seashore within the Maldives Islands

Oceans are romantic blue locations for a lot of, and virtually all holidaymakers would like to see the tropical oceans of their deep blue and vivid turquoise colours.

Nevertheless, apparently, one customer was disillusioned that the Indian Ocean was blue, and that individual did not like the colour blue – so solely 3 out of 5 stars got for that ocean.

Enjoyable Reality: All of the world’s oceans are the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic, and (typically) Southern Ocean.

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