• Beni Hasan in central Egypt is an neglected historic necropolis well-known for its well-preserved and wealthy tombs from the Center Kingdom.
  • The Tomb of Khnumhotep II is a notable tomb in Beni Hasan, belonging to a strong official through the Center Kingdom, with detailed decorations and depictions of his life and actions.
  • Whereas Beni Hasan is commonly neglected by vacationers, it presents nice sights of Historical Egypt, together with different notable tombs, and is value visiting alongside extra well-known websites just like the pyramids and the Valley of the Kings.

There are various necropolis websites of Historical Egypt (maybe the Giza Pyramid Necropolis and the Valley of the Kings are probably the most well-known). One neglected historic necropolis (or cemetery) is Beni Hasan in central Egypt. Beni Hasan dates from the Center Kingdom of Egypt and is legendary for its well-preserved and wealthy tombs. Some of the outstanding tombs is the Tomb of Khnumhotep II, formally Tomb 3 (BH3).

The Tomb of Khnumhotep II is open to the general public and is a good peek into the Center Kingdom (usually overshadowed by extra well-known monuments from the Outdated Kingdom and the New Kingdom). These tombs had been necessary representations of Historical Egyptian beliefs of life after demise and the journey to the afterlife. Here’s what to know concerning the Center Kingdom’s Beni Hasan Necropolis.

Hieroglyphs based on the mythology of ancient Egypt

Hieroglyphs based mostly on the mythology of historic Egypt

What To Know About The Center Kingdom’s Beni Hasan Necropolis

Beni Hasan is about in some of the fertile areas of Egypt with a number of the Center Kingdom’s most beautiful historic tombs. The necropolis is split into the higher and decrease cemeteries.

Key Historical Egyptian Durations:

  • Outdated Kingdom: circa 2345 to 2181 BC
  • First Intermediate Interval: circa 2181 to 2055 BC
  • Center Kingdom: circa 2055 to 1650 BC
  • Second Intermediate Interval: circa 1650 to 1550 BC (Hyksos interval)
  • New Kingdom: circa 1550 to 1069 BC

The decrease cemetery has roughly 800 tombs with many constructed for officers through the First Intermediate Interval to the Center Kingdom (there are additionally some tombs from the traditional Outdated Kingdom interval).

The higher cemetery has 39 tombs hewn into the rock straight into the cliffs; of those 12 are superbly embellished with scenes from every day life to water and searching. The tombs are the resting locations of historic Egyptian senior officers of the area, significantly from the eleventh and twelfth Dynasties of the Center Kingdom.

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What To Know Of The Tomb Of Khnumhotep II At Beni Hasan

The Valley of the King with tombs of Pharaohs of the Ancient Egypt
Photograph from Shutterstock

The Valley of the King with tombs of Pharaohs of the Historical Egypt

In contrast to a lot of the well-known tombs on the Valley of the Kings (such because the Tomb of Ramesses VI), the Tomb of Khnumhotep II was not for a pharaoh (or king). Khnumhotep II was a strong Historical Egyptian official (or nomarch) through the reign of the pharaohs Amenemhat II and Senusret II of the twelfth Dynasty within the Center Kingdom.

Khnumhotep II was the Overseer of the Japanese Desert and his tomb is legendary for its decorations. He held many titles together with ‘member of the elite’, ‘hereditary prince and depend’, ‘overlord of Nekheb’, and others. He was one of many elite nomarchs (governors) of Historical Egypt.

The lifetime of Khnumhotep is recorded in 222 columns of textual content discovered on the chapel partitions of the tomb. The tomb additionally data his wives and youngsters.

 Ancient mummy

 Historical mummy showcased in an Egyptian village.

The Tomb of Khunhotep II is considered some of the notable rock-cut tombs within the necropolis at Beni Hasan. The tomb additionally has depictions of him fishing and fowling within the marshes of the Nile (these scenes carry mythologic significance associated to the afterlife and extra). Essentially the most well-known portray within the tomb is of a delegation bringing eye paint to Khnumhotep.

The tomb is likely one of the few locations to see an early depiction of bearded foreigners ‘Aamu’ labeled as ‘Hyksos’. They’re proven coming to the Egyptian official Khnumhotep II circa 1900 BC. The Hyksos went on to take over a lot of Egypt and had been the primary overseas rulers of Historical Egypt between circa 1650 BC and 1550 BC.

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What To Know About Visiting The Tomb Of Khunhotep II In the present day

The Tomb of Khunhotep II is the highest attraction on the necropolis at Beni Hasan, however there are additionally loads of different tombs value seeing whereas there. Different notable tombs embody the Tomb of Baqet III, the Tomb of Khety, and the Tomb of Ahememhat.

The tombs of Beni Hasan presents a number of the nice sights of Historical Egypt, however it’s largely neglected by most vacationers. Whereas crowds of vacationers flock to the pyramids of Giza and the Valley of the Kings, few hassle to go to Beni Hasan.

  • Admission Price: 100 EGP for vacationers (about $3.24 USD)
  • Opening Hours: 8:00 am to five:00 pm
  • Deal with: WVJG+G3W, Abu Qirqas, Menia Governorate 2368743, Egypt

Tomb KV9 in the Valley of the Kings of  Ramesses VI

Tomb KV9 within the Valley of the Kings of  Ramesses VI

After visiting the necropolis at Beni Hasan, go to the spectacular Valley of the Kings close to Luxor. The Valley of the Kings in Egypt was the place the traditional pharaohs and queens had been buried round a thousand years after the Nice Pyramids had been constructed.

There are 63 recognized tombs within the Valley of the Kings (together with the famous Tomb of Tutankhamun discovered with its funerary goods).

But tomb-building did not finish with Historical Egypt, the catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa are one of the most stunning attractions from the Roman period of Egypt.

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