• France’s Locmariaquer megaliths in Brittany are a formidable Neolithic web site, older than England’s Stonehenge, with 500 recognized monuments.
  • The Damaged Menhir of Er Grah is the most important hauled stone by prehistoric Neolithic folks, courting again to 4500 BC and weighing 330 tons.
  • The location additionally consists of the Product owner’s Desk dolmen and the Er Grah Tumulus, each related to historic burials, and guests can be taught in regards to the megalithic artwork and prehistoric occasions.

France is home to some of the most impressive and oldest Neolithic (Stone Age) websites in Europe. One of the crucial unbelievable websites is the Locmariaquer megaliths positioned in Locmaiquer in France’s area of Brittany. The earliest dates of this web site are hundreds of years older than England’s famous Stonehenge.

This web site is definitely made up of three websites: The Damaged Menhir of Er Grah, the Er-Grah tulumus passage grave, a dolmen referred to as Desk des Marchand (or Product owner’s Desk). This space is residence to an enormous quantity of historic monuments (500 recognized to this point, plus many extra destroyed and misplaced over time).

Aerial view of the Locmariaquer megalith site near Carnac in Brittany, France

Aerial view of the Locmariaquer megalith web site close to Carnac in Brittany, France

The Damaged Menhir Of Er Grah

The Damaged Menhir of Er Grah on the Locmariaquer Megalithic Website is the most important single block of stone recognized to have been hauled and erected by prehistoric Neolithic folks. It’s believed to have as soon as weighed round 330 tons (by comparability the most important monolith ever craved was the 1,818-ton Third Monolith at the ancient Roman site at Baalbek, Lebanon).

It’s mindboggling to suppose simply how massive the Damaged Menhir of Er Grah (in addition to the 18 different ‘smaller’ menhirs) actually is. The Damaged Menhir of Er Grah is a part of an alignment of 19 menhirs. They date from circa 4500 BC to 3700 BC.

The damaged menhir may have been erected round as early as 4700 BC, over two thousand years earlier than the pyramids of Giza have been constructed. It’s thought that the menhir was damaged round 4000 BC.

  • Age: Circa 4500 BC
  • Dimension: 67.6 toes or 20.6 meters lengthy
  • Weight: 330 tons

The damaged menhir was taken from a rock outcrop a number of kilometers away. It’s so massive and heavy that trendy researchers are nonetheless undecided on simply how the Neolithic folks managed to move and erect it. The menhir had a sculpture etched over its full floor that represented a ‘hatchet-plough’ however now it’s eroded to the purpose it’s troublesome to see.

Ultimately, the colossal menhir toppled and broke into 4 items. How or why it was damaged is just not recognized, it’s potential it was pulled down and damaged (or perhaps it was an earthquake). Different menhirs have been eliminated and used to assemble the traditional tombs and dolmens discovered close by.

Prehistoric buildings in Locmariaquer, Brittany, France

Prehistoric buildings in Locmariaquer, Brittany, France

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The Product owner’s Desk Neolithic Dolmen & Cairn

The Product owner’s Desk or Desk des Marchand is a dolmen lined with a cairn, an historic Neolithic type of burial. Guests can nonetheless see the traditional engravings inside together with an ax and a plow seemingly being pulled by oxen. Capstone was initially a part of the damaged menhir.

The dolmen contained in the cairn had develop into totally uncovered over time and above floor till the cairn was rebuilt over it in 1993 to revive its authentic look. Evaluate this to England’s exposed dolmen, Arthur’s Stone, whose cairn has eroded away leaving simply the inside stone dolmen remaining.

The Neolithic Er Grah Tumulus

The Er Grah Tumulus is one other funerary monument extending over 140 meters (460 toes) lengthy and was used for historic burials. Axes and pendants have been found within the tumulus and certain as soon as belonged to the Neolithic elite. Extra fragments of the damaged menhir have been utilized in its building.

Neolithic graveyard in Locmariaquer, Brittany, France

Neolithic graveyard in Locmariaquer, Brittany, France

  • Size: 140 meters (460 toes)
  • Date: fifth Millennium BC (accomplished circa 3,300 BC)

Whereas radiocarbon courting suggests the earliest dates of across the late sixth and early fifth millennium BC, it might not have been accomplished till circa 3,300 BC.

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What To Know About Visiting The Locmariaquer Megalithic Website

The traditional megalithic web site in Locmariaquer has a welcome heart the place guests can peer again in historical past and be taught in regards to the megalithic artwork and prehistoric occasions in Brittany. Uncover how populations transitioned from nomadism to sedentary life. Be taught in regards to the archeological digs and see the restorations between 1986 and 1992.

  • Entry Charge: 6 Euros ($7)
  • Season: 12 months Spherical
  • Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm (July to September – hours range seasonally)
  • Deal with: Route de Kerlogonan, 56740 Locmariaquer

Sadly, the group of stones is closed off to the general public in the present day (they have been beforehand accessible) however guests can see the opposite historic Neolithic ruins. For extra details about visiting the traditional Neolithic Locmariaquer Megalithic Website, confer with the official website.

The gallery grave - dolmen - of Mane Rutual,  Locmariaquer

The gallery grave Рdolmen Рof Mane Rutual,  Locmariaquer

It’s an unbelievable expertise to find a few of the first monumental European structure some 6,000 years previous. After visiting these three well-known Neolithic sights, take the time to search out the various different historic Stone Age dolmens and different websites within the space.

Brittany is among the finest locations to find Neolithic Europe.

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