The longest “motorable” road in the world is said (by the Guinness World Book of Records) to be the Pan American Highway – from Alaska to Argentina. However what’s the longest “walkable” street on this planet? In accordance with a well-liked repost on social media, the longest “walkable” street on this planet is claimed to run from Russia’s distinct Siberian metropolis of Magadan to Cape Town in South Africa.

Strolling this route could be way more difficult than an AT-Thru hike – that some people manage to actually complete every year. With the ability to full this route could be the stroll of a lifetime – however is it really doable and, effectively, “walkable.”


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The International locations Alongside The Longest Walkable Highway In The World

The longest walkable street on this planet is sort of a trek, and it passes by means of most of the world’s international locations. This text was up to date and expanded with much more data on the international locations alongside the best way and what to anticipate. It has been stated that nobody has ever walked this route, however nonetheless who is aware of who would be the first?

How Lengthy Is The Longest “Walkable” Highway In The World?

This longest “walkable” street measures some 14,000 miles or 22,387 km. For comparability, the Pan American Freeway is a few 15,000 miles lengthy (per Guinness World Book of Records), and the earth is 24,900 miles in circumference on the equator.

  • Distance: 14,000 Miles or 22,387 km
  • Starting / Finish: Magadan in Siberia to Cape City, South Africa
  • International locations: 16 International locations
  • Continents: Asia, Europe, Africa

It could appear unusual that the longest “walkable” street is shorter than the longest “motorable” street, nevertheless it partly comes all the way down to semantics. The longest “walkable” street has been routed in order that there aren’t any ferry crossings and there are bridges over each river.

Planning a tour around the world

Planning a tour world wide

On the Pan American freeway, there’s what is named the DariĆ©n Hole between Panama and Colombia. There aren’t any roads by means of this 66-mile stretch of mountainous rainforest jungle. One must take a ferry between the international locations to cowl that distance. After all, it’s doable to argue the Pan American Freeway is, due to this fact, not the longest “motorable” street in any case.

  • Pan American Freeway: 15,000-19,000 Miles Lengthy
  • Earth At The Equator: 24,900 Miles Round

The declare that this street is the longest “walkable” street on this planet was introduced by Bengali information – seen on this youtube video.

A traveler looking at a world map

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Is It Possible To Stroll The Longest “Walkable” Highway In The World?

If the query was, “is it doable to stroll the street?” then the reply could be a really certified sure. But when the query is “is it possible,” then the reply is not any. This can be a very lengthy route that one will battle to perform for a bunch of causes.

  • Is It Possible To Stroll The Longest Walkable Highway?: Nope

One complication is that a lot of the route is in Russia – this may take many months to stroll; not solely is the Department of State’s present journey warning “To Not Journey And Go away Instantly,” however Russia can also be unlikely to grant a visa right now. Apart from, they problem vacationer visas for 30 days – not almost sufficient to stroll Siberia’s huge part of the route.

The route goes by means of a variety of the world’s troubled sizzling spots and thru some borders that the closed. The route passes from Russia to Georgia by means of the Abkhazia area – that is unlawful underneath Georgia legislation, and people crossing the border won’t be permitted additional into Georgia.

The route additionally crosses from Syria to Israel – that border has been closed for a few years.

  • Closed Borders: The Route Goes By means of Closed Border Crossings
  • Lawless Areas: It Goes By means of Lawless Areas

A backpacker hiking in the winter through a snow-covered forest

A backpacker mountain climbing within the winter by means of a snow-covered forest

The longest “walkable” street additionally goes by means of Sudan and South Sudan; among the areas it goes by means of could also be lawless and extremely harmful, with little or no infrastructure (and no paved roads). As of the time of writing, there’s an ongoing-armed battle in Sudan and foreigners are being evacuated from the stricken nation.

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How Lengthy To Stroll The Longest “Walkable” Highway?

How lengthy would it not take to stroll the longest “walkable” street on this planet? Effectively, if one was to stroll a mean of eight hours day by day, it will take round 587 days to complete. In observe, it will take for much longer than that – most long-distance hikers take many relaxation days off. Google Maps calculates it will take 4,492 hours of pure strolling time to finish.

  • Days To Full: 587 Days (Strolling 8 Hours Each Day)
  • Period: 4,492 Hours Per Google Maps

It will appear the longest “walkable” street is extra of an web sensation than an precise viable “walkable” route.

The longest walkable street on this planet passes by means of 16 international locations and 6 time zones. Hikers will see all the things from the frozen Arctic of Siberia to tropical rainforests to sunbaked deserts. In some locations, they might must be ready to again by day and freeze by night time.

International locations & Continents Alongside The Longest Walkable Highway In The World

The longest walkable street on this planet solely passes by means of two of the world’s seven continents – Asia and Africa. Ranging from the north and heading south, the nation passes by means of quite a few international locations.

Lost hiker with backpack

Misplaced hiker with backpack

The international locations embody Russia, Georgia (Republic of), Turkey, Syria, Israel, Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, and South Africa. Many of those international locations (like Georgia, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Uganda (stop by for white water rafting on the Nile), Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, and South Africa) are visa-free or visa-on-arrival for Western passport holders.

Russia, Syria, Sudan, and South Sudan usually require visas prematurely and it’s presently not advisable to go to any of them.

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How To Put together For The World’s Longest “Walkable” Highway?

Sooner or later, making ready for one massively lengthy hike is much like making ready for one more massively lengthy mountain climbing path. Mountaineering a route like that is much like mountain climbing the AT-Via hike with some exceptions.

Some components maintain true (like the hiking essentials one needs for an AT-Thru hike). These are often known as the “Huge Three” of long-distance mountain climbing.

  • Backpack: A Good High quality Light-weight Backpack
  • Shelter: A Good High quality Tent For Mountaineering
  • Sleeping: A Heat Light-weight Sleeping Bag & A Insulated Sleep Pad

In relation to clothes, effectively, hikers will possible want to purchase completely different gear alongside the route because the climate circumstances are radically completely different.

A hiker taking in the views of Cape Town at the summit of Lions Head

The place mountain climbing this route will likely be completely different from the AT-Via is that hikers will want passports and visas, and maybe they might want to register with the authorities. They are going to must be cautious of the area that they’re passing by means of.

Maybe if one wish to make the route a lifetime aim, hikers can give attention to the elements which are protected now and hope that the harmful elements enhance sooner or later.

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